4 Best Backlinks Generator Websites For Free Traffic

Hi guys I’m back with a new post this time I’ll be talking about how to get free traffic by creating some quality Backlinks when we start a new website we struggle with traffic for that we need to create SEO Backlinks from good websites but the problem we have is searching those websites with high DA PA and it requires a lot of research and time don’t worry you need not search each and every website for Backlinks I’ll help you with backlink generators which will help you register your website with some high-quality DA PA having websites.

here we go,

1. Sitechecker

In this generator website, you can create 20+ high-Quality Backlinks which will really help you boost your website’s traffic it will help you to improve your post ranking in google search and there’s nothing work needs to be done you just need to enter your website URL and the just enter and the rest will be done by site checker generator and this will provide you the best organic Backlinks for your site. 


I have tried it guys trust me it really works just give it a shot and thank me later.

2. Duplichecker

This backlink generator is quite different from the first one what it does is it provides a backlink from avg to low authority website you may ask why? the answer is if your niche is not related to that high authority website’s niche then it’s of no use in creating a backlink it becomes useless so this generator only submits your URL to related to your niche in that it’s the smartest generator you can go for better results. this generator will really help you to rank better than the new competitors and also will help you get traffic as well.


It’s almost the same as the first one but it’s a bit better so you give it a try It will be worth trying.

3. Smallseotools

You must have heard about this website and most of us are already using this website to check for Plagiarism this site provides a lot of services such as grammar check, Backlink checker, Plagiarism checker which we already know and they have this backlink generator tool to make it even easier for us this link building site is built by keeping in mind about google’s guidelines. the best thing about this site is they are very much aware of providing quality services for free.


So you need not worry about anything you just need to enter the URL of your site there will be a Make backlink button option just click on it have some patience sit back it will do its job instantly. 

4. Backlinkr

Every generator on this list has some limitations in creating backlinks for your website but this site promises around 2500+ high-quality backlinks and Premium 100 quality backlinks. But both are the same they already have included that premium 100 Backlinks in that 2500+ Backlinks so you can try the first one to be honest I have tried it but I’m not sure about does it really provides 2,500+ backlinks if you need to confirm you can check on backlink checker websites which will provide you actual data about your Backlinks and how much Backlinks have been created even these results will appear as well to check you can visit,

  • ahrefs.com
  • neilpatel.com
  • rankwatch.com


To be honest I’m not sure about this site but it doesn’t cost you to try.

The main thing I would ask you guys is to check if there are bad backlinks which can be harmful to your sites coz sometimes it can be a spammy one to check you can visit the disavow tool and also you can check via Google Search Console too.

My Pick

Smallseochecker: It’s the most trusted one which I use you shouldn’t worry if you are creating your backlinks here if something goes wrong there are instructions too on the website which will help you solve it.


I hope the above post will really help you if you have begun a website and not able to get traffic this post will definitely help you to create Genuine and Quality Backlinks from these 4 Best Backlinks Generators websites which will drive you a good amount of free traffic at the initial stage of your Blogging journey. I hope this post helps you until next time have a good one thank you.




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